Cantavil Hoan Cau

Apartments type A

Living Room Interior, Luxury Classic Style:
Area: 153,8m2, high-grade interior
Rent: 2.1 million VND per day;  5.8 million VND per 3 days;  12.8 million VND per week;  31 million VND per month
Call : (+848)35127056 for more details           


Entrance: 10.7m²
Living room: 25.4m²
Kitchen and dinning room: 18.5m²
Facilities room: 5.9m²
Master bedroom: 12.7m²
Master bathroom: 24.6m²
Bed room1: 17.7m²
Bed room2: 15.6m²
Bathroom: 5.0m²
Corridor: 14.7m²
Loggia: 6.0m²
Total 153.8m²